CSA Frittata

My weekly frittata has by far been the most helpful and versatile meal for my CSA veggies. It’s like the chili of summer.

(Obviously, I have a higher interest in eating dinner than in phone photography…)

The first week we used the mushrooms and half of the spinach in the frittata. The second week we used all of the spinach and the yellow squash (plus ground beef). Since we have been cooking the frittata for four, we use 11 eggs each time (my mom says to use 11, so I use 11). It’s usually enough for dinner and two lunch leftovers.

First I heat the oven to 325* if I’m using my le cruset buffet casserole, or 350* if using a stainless pan. I tend to start by cooking the beef (or bacon) to help provide a cooking fat for the vegetables. Then I remove the meat and add onions and squash, and remove. Next I wilt the spinach, then add everything back in with 11 beaten eggs. Wait until the center becomes pretty set and then pop it in the oven to finish cooking (varies on pan depth, but until the edges have pulled away from the sides and the eggs are no longer runny).

Boom. Your cleanup hitter for your summer CSA.

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