Breezy Willow CSA Week 2

The Haul:

Two yellow squash, three patty pan squash, three beets, three kholrabi, spring onions, spinach, two different kinds of lettuce, blueberries, eggs, and pumpkin bread.

The plan:

Lettuce and Beet roots – Salad, salad, salad. One giant mistake was purchasing lettuce the week before the CSA. It feels like we are drowning in lettuce. Please help me.

Yellow squash, spinach, eggs РThe versatile and weekly frittata

Kohlrabi – Options I’m considering are fritters, slaw with fish tacos, roasting it like a potato, or raw with a bit of salt (especially this pink salt from costco that seems to make everything 100 times better).

Kohlrabi and Beet Greens – Pretty much anything is good with goat cheese, garlic and pine nuts. This is a fact.

Patty Pan Squash – I bought this once at a farmer’s market and I’m pretty sure I roasted it. This time I’m thinking indian spiced kabobs with grilled curried chicken.

Blueberries – obvious answer snacking, but in order to fit all the new vegetables in the fridge I had to evict a tuscan melon and a watermelon. Fruit salad it is!

New to me this week? Kohlrabi (the whole thing). I’ve also never made beet greens.

Veggies from last week that are still here? A handful of spinach, spring onions (both used in tonight’s meal, not bad!)

What vegetables have been new to you in your CSA or at the farmer’s market? I’ve haven’t seen Patty Pan in a grocery store, but I have seen kohlrabi (though I’ve never purchased the alien baseball vegetable).

2 Responses to “Breezy Willow CSA Week 2”

  1. Jess Says:

    I got garlic scapes last week, which were new to me. I’d read about them but never had them myself. Stir fry is a beautiful thing :) I might end up with some more this week, in which case I’m considering this:

  2. Christiana Says:

    Yum! I had a coworker who made them into dip, and they were great! I also found this creamy version – so good!

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