Tea Baggers in DC

Perhaps you’ve heard of Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin’s DC Tea Party? No? Perhaps you’ve heard of the hilarious post regarding where is safe/unsafe and what to do in DC?

My personal favroite part of this is the list of items and actions they are hoping to restrict. I did not however, see pitchfork listed-so expect to see many of those.

Prohibited Items

• Tents/canopies/structures
• Glass containers
• Alcoholic beverages
• Firearms (real or simulated)
• Ammunition
• Explosives or incendiary devices of any kind (including fireworks)
• Knives, blades, or sharp objects of any length
• No staking of grounds
• No digging or trenching
• No attachments to existing landscaping
• No firearms or explosive devices, no open fires

It’s good they included this though, because I was planning on digging a trench.

I hope these Tea Baggers asking for representation will head on over and demonstrate with DC vote for those who ACTUALLY don’t have voting power.  I’ll be out of town with first anniversary festivities partially celebrating, partially avoiding the crazies after my last visit to a Tea Bagger rally.

2 Responses to “Tea Baggers in DC”

  1. Kristin Says:

    Oh wow. Somebody could’ve done some research with that name. Way to get open themselves for a mocking!

  2. Christiana Says:

    To be fair, they refer to themselves as the “Tea Party”. I just refer to the angriest, most vile ones as tea baggers. I think if you really believed in smaller government and self sovereignty then you’d just call yourself a libertarian and not pay into the crazy that these rallies promote. I went to the tax one because it was a few blocks from my office, and that was a biiiiig mistake. I think I’m scared for life.

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