What is CBS’s definititon of “responsibly produced”?

This is what gets my feathers ruffled about the CBS/Focus on the Family/ManCrunch ad issue. CBS denied an ad in 2004 promoting gay acceptance. CBS accepts an ad in 2010 from Focus on the Family. CBS has said that the 2004 ad would be accepted today, but it’s oh so very easy to say you’d accept something when you’re not faced with it.

What does CBS consider to be responsibly produced? What are their standards? That’s what I’m most curious about with their new change of policy. Because like it or not, media outlets are exactly that – outlets. So what is aired by a major network (usually) has a farther reach than.. youtube. or this blog. So if only one viewpoint is stated, then it’s the only viewpoint that gets out. Forgive me for assuming that corporations have responsibility, I forgot about the SCOTUS ruling!

However, I’m certainly not promoting the idea that you must have opposing viewpoints to share a view point at all. That would be silly, ex. to air your pro life ad there must be a pro choice ad? That kicks too many things out of the arena. What if a pro cat organization wanted to run an ad, but there was no pro dog ad to counter? Then the cat ad couldn’t air? I don’t think that would work too well either.

Why is the Tim Tebow ad a-okay and the gay men’s dating site not okay? Why are there spots for PopTarts, but not ManCrunch?

In the end, all I’m asking for is a bit of transparency here. What are CBS’s standards for a “responsibly produced” ad? What makes the cut and what doesn’t?

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